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Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot sucked me in from the first minute

refugiafenston0 - 3 August, 2021 - 0 comments

We’d all love to surprise Mom with the car of her dreams, right? In this time of coronavirus woes, though, we don’t really see too many folks — even those flush with cash — dropping big coin to earn brownie points with their parents. So consider this list to be something of a daydream catalog, or better yet, a set of vehicles that your matriarch might consider choosing from when it does come time for her to replace her ride.

When in May last year she granted permission for Lady Gabriella Windsor – a virtually unknown sprig of the House of Windsor and ranking 52nd in the order of succession – to be accorded the full St George’s Chapel treatment, many were surprised.

Schwartz and Davis, 32, met when they were teaching at the same school — she in language arts, he in physics. They started as close friends. Their friendship turned into romantic love shortly after Schwartz got shattering news in March 2017: She had stage four colon cancer, meaning it had metastasized beyond its original site. Doctors gave her a prognosis of one to two years, a projection she’s thankfully outlived. 


My father inherited it, and I have many memories of my mother dancing to it for me when I was a child and later for my children, Annika and Richard. She loved ballet and would spin around to the Sugar Plum Fa

ories. The BBC TV programme, where members of the public bring much-loved but broken family heirlooms to be repaired and restored by a team of experts, has been captivating an ever-growing audience (prior to lockdown just under three million viewers were tuning in) since it launche

And so the ideal compromise was reached – an unannounced and private wedding with around 20 guests in the out-of-the-way Chapel of All Saints on the Windsor estate – with Captain Tom invited to the Castle for the higher-profile ceremony.

Forgive us if we’re not admiring the ring though as Nicola is looking stunning in this yellow midi dress which hails from Victoria Beckham of course. Well, she might as well get used to wearing her mother-in-law’s designs. Can we expect VB to do the wedding dress too?

The ‘secret’ wedding, arranged at short notice, eradicated the gnawing problem of how to handle the public profile of Prince Andrew as he comes under increasing pressure in the Ghislaine Maxwell affair 

But I’m here to say the Unsolved Mysteries reboot sucked me in from the first minute. While I hesitate to say it’s better than the Robert Stack original, it’s that rare remake that uses all the improvements made in television since its first run to evolve into a fresh, modern and fascinating version of its old self. The interviews are longer and more in-depth. The re-enactments are judiciously used and aren’t cheesy. The cases are well-chosen and get plenty of time. If you found yourself sucked into the podcast Serial, you’ve found your summer TV obsession.

Her disease is, however, treatable. Treatments have involved an eight-hour surgery to remove part of her colon and liver, plus her appendix, gallbladder, uterus, ovaries and even more of her insides. She has gone through dozens of rounds of grueling chemotherapy and endured lengthy hospitalizations. She shares all aspects of the experience on her blog, titled My Colon Cancer: Semicolon Not Full Stop. “When life gives you cancer, make a punctuation pun,” she jokes. 

“I’ve never been a very outgoing or chatty person, but with Ness it’s always been easy for me to share myself,” Davis says. “When I talk to her, she listens. Even more importantly than that, she gets me in a way that no one else ever has. People sometimes talk about finding their person. Jenessa has been mine since the moment I met her.”  

Left: The Toy Horse No ordinary childhood toy, this 50-year-old horse was brought in by Caroline and her husband Mark (both centre) from St Ives, and had been her brother Nathan’s, who died in his 20s from an unsuccessful heart t

Now, at last, Beatrice’s ‘secret’ wedding seems finally to have broken the trend of more and more costly public celebrations -although as one observer wearily pointed out this weekend, there aren’t many Royals left to marry off.

But Andrew’s future public role in the Royal Family has become academic in view of him stepping down as UK trade envoy, being named in legal papers during the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, the closure of the Prince Andrew Charitable Trust, his disastrous Newsnight interview and his withdrawal from public life.

She wrote: ‘You’ve made me the luckiest girl in the world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. your love is the most precious gift. I love you so so much baby and watermelon invitations thank you harper for this pic.’  

Producer Terry Dunn Meurer told USA Today viewers started sending in tips on the various cases within 24 hours of Netflix premiering the new show, specifically about the Brooks, Rivera and Chapin cases. Brooks’ case was even reopened by police in June, Dunn Meurer told Variety. And Redditors have come up with a variety of theories about the  murdered French family, a truly haunting episode that put me in mind of 1971’s infamous family killer John List, who was eventually caught thanks to another TV show, America’s Most Wanted.

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