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CHRISTOPHER WILSON: Wedding ceremony for Princess Beatrice was ideal

gladyswithnell - 1 August, 2021 - 0 comments

1. That Stewart-McKellen friendship Fans don’t get to see a lot of celebrity friendships play out, but McKellen and Stewart’s very public relationship is a treasure for the ages. The two Brits met in the 1970s, Us magazine reports, but really got close after co-starring as rivals in the 2000 X-Men movie. Since then, they’ve continued to work and play together, with McKellen even serving as the officiant for Stewart’s 2013 wedding.

And so the ideal compromise was reached – an unannounced and private wedding with around 20 guests in the out-of-the-way Chapel of All Saints on the Windsor estate – with Captain Tom invited to the Castle for the higher-profile ceremony.

The ‘secret’ wedding, arranged at short notice, eradicated the gnawing problem of how to handle the public profile of Prince Andrew as he comes under increasing pressure in the Ghislaine Maxwell affair.

5. He’s been honest about childhood abuse The actor wasn’t born into a life of ease. He’s spoken honestly about his abusive father, and how he would wait in fear for him to come home from the pub, inserting his child’s body in between his dad’s fists and his mother’s face. Stewart was able to escape into acting, but hasn’t forgotten those who aren’t as lucky. He’s continued to promote awareness of domestic violence and help for its victims, of all ages.

It was also reported – long before his recent ignominy – that Andrew faced losing his status altogether as a working royal when Charles becomes King, or more brutally, have the funding he receives from the Sovereign Grant to run his private office removed.

7. He made bald beautiful again Stewart began losing his hair at 19, and reportedly tried hats, combovers and toupees to hide his baldness. Hollywood’s strict beauty standards don’t often include hair loss, so it’s no surprise that Stewart worried he wouldn’t be cast as Picard unless he wore a wig over his bald pate. But Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry himself told the actor to ditch the wig, and in 1992, a TV Guide poll named Stewart the sexiest man on television.

Schwartz and Davis won’t be the first couple to hold a Zoom wedding gifts during these bizarre, locked-down times — there are even online tutorials for planning a virtual wedding, including how to ensure “many others are doing. The bride is simultaneously battling terminal colorectal cancer and navigating the coronavirus crisis as someone with a .   

Unsolved Mysteries is another perfect show for those of us spending most of our time at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses in my region may still be closed, jobs and stocks may be uncertain, but leave it to Netflix to remind us that somebody out there always has it worse — with the added benefit that ordinary viewers might be able to turn detective and help a grieving family get justice. 

8. Best. Captain. Ever. Kirk, Janeway, Sisko, Brooks — they all have their followers. For a night out on the town, you might have the most fun with ol’ James Tiberius as your drinking buddy. But if you’re ever in real Star Trek space trouble and the aliens are advancing, or the shields are wavering, it’s Jean-Luc you want on the bridge.

“My belly now looks like I’ve been in a wicked knife fight, which is kickass,” she wrote after her surgery. And, of her teaching: “Middle school students are so well-behaved after you tell them you have cancer.”

If the Zoom wedding attendees lean in to their screens, they’ll see garlands twisting around a trellis in the couple’s San Jose yard. And they’ll notice a distinctive color theme for the occasion — blue, for colon cancer awareness. 

“Berkshires UFO” made a quiet Massachusetts town question the existence of extraterrestrial life. What events unfolded on that September night in 1969? #unsolvedmysteries #ufos pic.twitter.com/X9wvtS4cwx

Through it all, Davis has stood by her side. He’s stayed with her every night she’s been in the hospital and accompanied her to almost every chemotherapy treatment. After chemo infusions, he tucks her into bed and brings her whatever she needs. 

And being 80 doesn’t mean he shies away from new technology. His Sir Pat Stew Twitter account is a must-follow. Check out his birthday gift from Stewart’s pal Ian McKellen, who delivers a reading of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 81, a wistful and sweet meditation about being remembered even after one is gone from this world.

The bride will wear bright blue boots. The groom will sport a blue blazer. A blue dress covered with stars will offset 9-year-old Ramona’s bright red hair, and the equally flame-haired Solly, 7, will look dapper in a blue button-down shirt. Even Rocky the pitbull mix will wear a blue bowtie, homemade by Ramona.    

Her disease is, however, treatable. Treatments have involved an eight-hour surgery to remove part of her colon and liver, plus her appendix, gallbladder, uterus, ovaries and even more of her insides. She has gone through dozens of rounds of grueling chemotherapy and endured lengthy hospitalizations. She shares all aspects of the experience on her blog, titled My Colon Cancer: Semicolon Not Full Stop. “When life gives you cancer, make a punctuation pun,” she jokes. 

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